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Police recover stolen livestock in Isiolo mop-up

The two weeks’ crackdown on cattle rustlers in Isiolo has led to the recovery of almost all of the animals stolen from the neighbouring Meru County.

Isiolo County Commissioner Mr. Geoffrey Omoding confirmed that the security operation led to the recovery of at least 75 per-cent of all animals that were reported stolen after armed raiders ambushed villagers in Meru County.

The County Commissioner said that all the recovered animals had been handed over to the owners after positive identification in presence of chiefs from both sides.

“The security team recovered 223 out of 250 camels stolen and 76 out of the 100 goats that were reported stolen and we assure the 300 internally displaced persons from Attan, Tractor and Aukot to return to their homes and resume normal activities now that peace was restored “he said.

Mr. Omoding said that over 10,000 livestock from the neighbouring Marsabit, Samburu and Laikipia were also returned to their respective counties so that tension over the influx of animals in grazing areas is reduced.

He further directed that herders from outside should be following traditional methods of placing formal requests to elders and security teams from the county where they hope to seek water and pasture and stop moving with illegal guns because they have been abusing them.

Mr. Omoding said that chiefs and their assistants should always accompany security officers during the operation so that they would hand the footmarks of stolen animals to their counterparts’ administrative officers.

The CC who is also the County Security Intelligence Chairman said that any security officers or chiefs who would be implicated in dishonesty during handing over of stolen property would be sacked without further warning because they would be tainting the government’s image.

The county boss directed chiefs to chair location grazing and water committee meetings which involve security personnel and grazing fields’ management committee members to ensure peace prevailed in their areas.

Mr. Omoding further added that no stock theft had been witnessed in the area since the operation started two weeks ago.

By Abduba Mamo and David Nduro

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