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Police Station to Boost Security in Butula

Security in Butula Sub-County received a major boost after the area Member of Parliament (MP), Joseph Oyula, constructed an ultra-modern police station at the tune of Sh10.4 million in effort to foster security in the area.

The Station, which will host all the police departments in the Sub-County, was constructed by the MP through National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NGCDF) in conjunction with National Police Service.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony, Oyula urged Butula residents to cooperate with the policemen, to create an enabling environment for business and investments, thus economic empowerment.

“Security in Butula has been facing a number of challenges, ranging from high rate of unemployed youth, drugs and substances abuse, inadequate auxiliary services at police posts and poor relations between the community and the security agencies,” he said.

According to the MP, community participation was undertaken through involvement of key stakeholders, in identifying priority needs for security, and that will help mitigate insecurity and restore trust among the community.

Western Region Police Commander, Perish Muthoni, lauded the efforts and commitment of the Legislator, for ensuring he prioritized the security of the Sub-County through infrastructure and enabling environments for security personnel to operate.

She urged the police to work with local residents in ensuring they combat crimes and insecurity in the area that has witnessed high levels of insecurity in the past.

“Security is paramount and we can’t gamble with it. I thank the area MP Oyula for considering the general wellbeing of the officers to enable them to manage criminal activities and the general security of Butula Constituency,” said Muthoni.

She promised to provide adequate support to the new police station, by providing enough personnel and vehicles for logistics and timely response.

Muthoni, however, warned the security team not to take advantage of the locals and manipulate them through extortion of unnecessary fees for services.

“We don’t charge for P3 forms or other security services. Report all acts of corruption involving my officers, so that we can separate those who are out to tarnish the good name of the police service,” she added.

Busia Deputy Governor, Moses Mulomi, who was also in attendance together with former Funyula MP, Dr. Paul Otuoma, in their sentiments, thanked Oyula for setting the pace in terms of development and security for enabling business environments.

“Business flourish in an enabling environment, good security attracts development and investments. I thank Oyula for this positive gesture in our County,” noted Mulomi.

The new police station is expected to provide the police in the region with suitable office space for them to discharge their duties efficiently, which will improve the general working conditions of the police thus improving service delivery.

“The Government, through the Fund has built several other police posts at Ogalo, Lugulu, and Bumala areas within the Sub-County. They are also a morale booster to police because they are deserving of it. They are human beings giving services to the people,” said Otuoma.

“Improving safety and security is an important aspect of society, since it affects the well-being of every individual. Security threats means heightened crime rates, fear among residents and subsequent reduction in revenue collection,” he added.

By Absalom Namwalo and Salome Alwanda

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