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Policewoman hailed for distributing free masks

A police constable based at Namelok Police station, Kajiado South has become a heroine in the area after issuing more than 500 masks to residents of Oloitokitok town.

Constable  Rahab Kung’u said she went to a garment shop in Loitokitok town and bought clothing materials that she took to her tailor and produced hundreds of masks which she now takes around, giving to those who cannot afford.

The masks are re-usable, thus one does not have to buy a new one, added Kung’u.

The police officer urged her colleagues and other leaders from the area to step in and help those who cannot protect themselves against the global pandemic.

She said she was driven by empathy to help the less fortunate members of the society and street children, after she found them while on routine patrol without masks thereby flouting a government directive as gazetted by  the Health Cabinet Secretary, Mutahi Kagwe.

Kung’u said  while patrolling the streets of Oloitokitok she met many residents walking in public without the protective gears and that’s when she took it upon herself to provide them with masks using her own resources.

“Majority of the residents can hardly afford the masks. I decided to assist them so that they can protect themselves from Coronavirus” she said.

“I want others out there to be mindful of their neighbours’ welfare. We cannot all wait for the government to assist us. Whatever little you have can be of great help to others,” said Kung’u.

A resident of the area, Anne Namunyak a resident lauded the officer for the kind gesture saying it was exemplary and should be emulated by others.

“The action has truly indicated that some of our police officers are true servants of the people,” said Namunyak, a trader at Oloitokitok market.

Meanwhile, a trader at the same market, Mercy Kamau has called upon the leaders from the area to come forth and assist in giving out masks to the general population so as to avert Covid-19 infection.

“Most of our customers come from the rural areas where they don’t have the leisure of getting masks in their locality, therefore the leaders should chip in, so that locals are not denied access into the market or town,” she said.

In a gazette notice published in the local dailies on Friday April 10, the government made it mandatory for one to wear a face mask in public.

According to the gazette notice, users of public or private transport and PSV operators are also required to wear a proper mask that must cover the mouth and nose.

Failure to wear a mask will attract a fine of Sh.20, 000 or face imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or both.

However, many Kenyans have complained about the high prices of masks urging the government to step in and supply masks for free.

By  Rop Janet/ Albert Lemomoa

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