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Political newcomer sends seasoned senator packing

Two-term Marsabit Senator Hargurra Godana of UDM was bundled out by green horn Mohammed Chute of UDA after the electorate rejected him at the ballot.

A strong 69 per cent voter-turnout of 115,353 voters was  enough to sent the senator home after Chute bagged 41,760 votes against the former who managed a fourth position with 18,075 votes.

Declaring the results after a four day wait at the Catholic hall county tallying center the county returning officer Joseph Mukewa termed the poll as peaceful and democratic.

KANU’s Adan Hassan Sere emerged second in the race with 23,206 votes while ANC’s candidate Gargallo Wako Abagaro was third after polling 18,586 votes.

The only woman in the hotly contested race Ms Allyce Kureiya of UPIA who was making her second debut at the seat got 13,055 votes.

In his acceptance speech, Chute, a prominent businessman said the elected leaders should strive to work as a team in order to be able to fulfil the promises they made to the people during the campaigns.

He underlined the need for leaders to forge good working relations to heal the wounds caused by the rough campaigns saying the cracks created due to political party’s affiliations should be shelved.

“I would also like to appeal to residents of Marsabit to embrace peace and good neighborliness their different ethnic backgrounds notwithstanding,” he said adding that peace would allow room for accelerated development.

In the County Woman Representative race, nominated senator Naomi Wako Jillo of UDA emerged winner after polling 30,831 votes in a contest that attracted seven candidates.

Her closest rival Gedhia Adan Mamo of Jubilee got 29, 627 votes followed by Nasra Ibrahim of UDM at position three with 17,878 votes.

Other contestants were Fatuma Nur Ibrahim of UPIA who managed 12,513, Dibo Umuro Isacko of ANC with 11,652 votes, Rose Tume Abduba a KANU candidate garnered 9,258 votes and an independent candidate Fatuma Hawa who got 3,224 votes.

Jillo hailed the residents of Marsabit for their tolerance for divergent views and opinions during the electioneering period that enabled the county to have a free and peaceful election.

She asked the newly elected leadership in the county to shelve any differences that might have cropped up during the campaigns and unite for the sake of peace and development.

She observed that wananchi of Marsabit loved one another and coexisted peacefully as was evidenced during the campaign and voting period and challenged local leaders to ensure that the achieved harmony is enhanced and sustained.

By Sebastian Miriti

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