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Polytechnics challenged to boost manufacturing Sector

Ministry of Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha has called upon tutors in polytechnics to boost practical skills among learners to strengthen local manufacturing industries to avoid importing many products that could be made in Kenya.

Speaking at Kisii National Polytechnic during the launch of the Inaugural International Conference, Prof. Magoha said that tutors should be professional enough to disseminate knowledge and skills to learners.

“We have excellent brains here. Some will tell you it will become very expensive. Yes, let it be expensive but when economy of scale takes up the issue, then it will not be expensive anymore,” Magoha advised.

Magoha also urged polytechnics to set up cloth-making industries which could help Kenyans acquire new clothing instead of depending on imported used clothes popularly known as mitumba.

Magoha also challenged students to change their mindsets and stop waiting for employment when they have skills they could use for innovation and self-development.

The CS also said that Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is training nurses and doctors who could work anywhere in the world and the same was being copied by other colleges and polytechnics.

“Don’t be myopic by saying this course I am doing; I will not be employed here. We are now training you for the world,” he added.

Kisii County Governor James Ongwae urged polytechnic graduates to start cottage industries to achieve industrial development like in India whose industrial growth was based on these industries.

Kenya Chambers of Commerce and Industries President Richard Ngatia challenged Kisii Polytechnic to grab the growing transport industry to manufacture motorbikes.

“With carbon emissions to the atmosphere from boda bodas, Kisii Polytechnic should innovate electric boda bodas to overcome their impact to the environment,” Ngatia added.

Kisii South Sub-County Deputy Commissioner Wilberforce Kilonzo hailed the peaceful student elections conducted in the institution last week and added that the security committee sensitized the elected student leaders about discipline and security.

He also praised Gusii Community for its aggression for social and economic development, citing entrepreneurship at its core.

By Erastus Michieka and Carolyne Omwamba 

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