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Power disconnection in Kisumu

Operations at Kisumu County prosperity house have grounded to a halt following disconnection of power supply over pending bills totaling sh17million.


The disconnection has paralyzed operations at the 13 storey building which houses various national and county government offices besides adversely affecting water supply, slaughter houses and streetlights.


A Kenya Power company official who requested anonymity disclosed that the county government owes them Sh.5.4 million for the last month which forms part of the total sh.17 million in arrears.


The Governor’s communications Director, Alloys Ager promised that the payment will be made as soon as IFMIS is operational considering that the financial year just ended last month.


Ager confided that the county government was holding fruitful discussions with KP management to have power reconnected.


By Owiti Cynthia and Joseph Ouma


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