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Prepare for flash floods, Mombasa residents cautioned

Mombasa  residents have been warned of possible flash floods as most of the long rains season (March -May) is expected to fall later this month.

The  Mombasa County Director of Meteorology, Edward  Ngure said flash floods are expected in low-lying areas, areas with clogged drainage, and those with abandoned quarries.

“Most of the March-April-May seasonal rainfall will fall during this month of May. The moisture is now improving in the Indian Ocean and there will be an improvement of rainfall in the coming weeks,” said Ngure

The weather man reported during the last week; between April 28 and May 4 Changamwe received 21.0mm of rainfall while 66mm of rainfall was recorded in Kisauni.

“There will be light to moderate rain on Monday to Sunday in most places of the county. Increased cloud cover will occur and maximum temperatures will reach 29C,” he added.

He also advised area resident to guard against contracting diseases like dengue fever and malaria which are caused by mosquitoes.“Flooded areas are breeding ground for mosquitoes thus diseases such as malaria and dengue fever can result,” he observed, advising health authorities to prepare to deal with such situations.

Ngure  urged  motorists and pedestrians  to  brace  for  in conveniencies as the floods may lead to transport problems, especially in areas where the roads are in pathetic state.

Likewise, he said the heavy rains will be accompanied by strong winds offshore which may result in storm surge in the ocean. “Fishermen, beachgoers and all in the marine industry should be on high alert,” he stated.

On  Agriculture, Ngure  advised farmers to visit Ministry of Agriculture offices and consult the experts on what to and when to plant.

By  Joseph  Kamolo

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