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Price of commodities have skyrocketed since the rains started in Moyale

The  heavy rains that have pounded Moyale Sub County and the neighbouring country of Ethiopia for the past two weeks have completely paralysed and disconnected movement to and from Moyale Town.

Only  people plying the Moyale- Marsabit have an opportunity to travel because the road is tarmacked but most other sections generally the untarmacked feeder roads have been cut off by flash floods making them impassable for vehicles plying to Moyale Town.

Roads  going to places like Dabel, Nana and Bori locations have been cut off as seasonal rivers emanating from Ethiopia have washed away drifts and roads making it impossible for vehicles to ferry passengers from the region to Moyale town where they mostly buy provisions from.

While narrating the predicament they have undergone during this year Mashujaa Day celebrations at the Moyale Baraza Park on Sunday, former Dabel Ward councilor, Alio  Tepo said that every part of the town was flooded.

“A kilogram of sugar is being sold at Sh.300 and maize flour is going at Sh.150 because whoever has it is in his shop is using a hefty amount of money to transport it and for them to recover the expenses, they have to hike the prices. We are also walking long distances because there are no vehicles,” Alio said.

Alio decried the poor road infrastructure in the region and appealed to both the national and county government to look for a lasting solution saying that in every season, there is always a public outcry and when both governments assign contractors to gravel the roads, the works are done in a shoddy manner.

“Both the National and the county governments are losing a lot of money because the contractors do shoddy jobs and are paid. They seem to be colluding with the ones who come to inspect the roads. The governments need to do something,” the former councilor said.

The Kenya Meteorological Service Moyale has reported that the sub-county has recorded above normal rainfall.

While  speaking to KNA, area Meteorological Officer, Joseph  Mwangangi  said that Moyale had recorded 36.2mm and warned that the rains may be enhanced from the third week of October.

The  Moyale Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Patrick Mumali  while addressing this year’s Mashujaa day celebrations called on residents living on lower grounds to move to higher grounds to avoid drowning from unexpected flash floods.

He  said that they had communicated with the Kenya Red Cross and the Ministry of Special Programs for humanitarian support.

By  Gatana  Muchira

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