Priest encourages learners to behave responsibly

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Father John Pesa of the Holy Ghost Coptic Church at Mamboleo in Kisumu has appealed to parents across the country to ensure their children go to church and get closer to God, especially during the long holidays.

Pesa also urged parents to refrain from sending the children on long visitations to their relatives, as is common whenever the children are on holidays, but to ensure the children remain closer to their parents.

“Let us take our children to churches so that they grow up as God-fearing people, which will help open up opportunities and accord them a brighter future,” appealed Pesa.

Pesa at the same time cautioned the parents that opportunities for securing white collar jobs for the massive Kenyan youths have greatly dwindled; hence, the youth must now have multiple skills and depend solely on their acquired skills.

He urged the parents to refrain from sending their children to visit their relatives over the long holidays, warning that this is what broods temptations for the children and occasions incidences of early pregnancies.

Pesa advised that children should stay at home and help their parents with domestic chores, while at the same time ensuring they go to church regularly.

He at the same time sent good wishes to the KCSE candidates, encouraging them to be brave and not fear but trust in God as they adequately prepare for their examinations while keeping in fervent prayer.

He told the learners that all the successful people they see around, including their governors and even the president, all began by first going to school; hence, they should remain disciplined and hardworking.

By Milton Onyango

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