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Protestors warned against mass destruction of property

Bondo Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Julius Otieno has cautioned people engaged in demonstrations against invading and attacking public facilities.

Mr Otieno said that although demonstrations and picketing is a constitutional right, invading and destroying property in government facilities is illegal.

The DCC was speaking against the backdrop of Monday’s demonstrations where a section of demonstrators invaded Bondo police station and pelted stones at officers at the station forcing them to flee for safety.

Some of the demonstrators also attacked the area DCC’s compound pelting stones at officers who however managed to keep them at bay.

Otieno commended the police officers for exercising restraint against the demonstrators adding that the demonstrations were largely peaceful until a few elements decide to attack the police station.

He stated that the organisers of the Monday demonstrations in Bondo had submitted a notice for peaceful demonstrations adding that if there are any future demonstrations those engaged should abide by the terms of the request.

Otieno who is also the chair of the area security council confirmed that no life was lost or property destroyed during the Monday demonstration which were largely peaceful.

The countrywide demonstrations which have been planned to take place every Monday and Thursday were called by opposition chief Raila Odinga demanding that the government addresses the high cost of living and electoral injustice in Kenya.

By Brian Ondeng

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