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PS Nabukwesi meets new staff

Government Officers have been asked to observe rules and regulations of the public service and endeavour to perform their duties to the best of their abilities in order to achieve the required standards in service delivery.

Newly recruited Ministry of Education staff follow proceedings at Jogoo House, Nairobi on Tuesday August 31, 2021. Photo by Boniface Malinda.

University Education and Research PS Amb. Simon Nabukwesi noted that by observing the rules and ethics, officers will be responsible and ensure that they accomplish their assignments as expected of them and in time.

The PS was speaking at his Jogoo House Office when he met with 26 new officers from his Ministry.

The officers included 22 Education Officers from the Directorate of University Education (DUE) and four from the Directorate of Research Science and Technology (DRST).

The Officers, most of them former school principals and senior teachers were recruited by the Ministry early in the year.

Amb. Nabukwesi said it is crucial for civil servants to interact and bond, as they share successes and challenges, during their service delivery.

“Sharing experiences at work, provides an environment for right mentorship and mainstreaming in the government,” he said.

The PS encouraged the officers not to shy away from seeking any clarification from their immediate Directors and other senior colleagues, who have served in the Ministry longer.

Amb. Nabukwesi said he was glad to have a group of energetic officers, especially at a time when there are concerns over the wide age gap between the current top management and junior civil servants serving, thus posing a challenge of succession and continuity after the senior officers retire from the service.

The PS reminded the officers to observe punctuality and act promptly on any assignments allocated to them in order to meet the set deadlines and enhance service delivery.

He reminded the staff that the Ministry of Education has a huge mandate in serving the citizens on matters of education and therefore so much commitment is expected from them to deliver the Ministry’s services.

The PS said an induction for the new personnel will be conducted at a later date. During yesterday’s meeting, the officers were taken through training on security of Government Communication by officers from the National security.

Present at the meeting   was the Director Human Resource in the State Department Mugambi Nyaga, Director University Education and Research, Dairus Ogutu Mogaka, Director in the Directorate of Research Science and Technology Gideon Kivengea and Deputy Secretary in the State Department Dan Mesis among other senior government officials.

By Christine Oduogi

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