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PS Omollo underscores the role played by private security

The first private security training institution in Uasin Gishu County has been launched, with Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo lauding the role played by private security firms in complementing national security services.

Mr. Omollo noted that the launch of Miale Security Training Institution was geared towards ensuring that the Private Security Industry aligns to the Government’s national security agenda, which is focused on addressing some of the most pressing security challenges in the country.

“As you are all aware, private security firms play a very instrumental role in complementing our security services as they are part of the first line of emergency response,” Omollo said.

He noted that you can hardly walk into a building, shopping mall, residential area, or any other installation with human traffic without seeing private security personnel ensuring public safety and security.

“We currently have over 900,000 people employed in this sector, with this industry now worth more than Sh100 billion annually, and this alone highlights how critical a driver this sector is for our economy in terms of job creation and contribution to our GDP growth,” said the PS.

“That is why we are focused on re-engineering and streamlining its operations to ensure effective and efficient service delivery,” he added.

Omollo said that under the new administration and in the new Financial Year 2023/24, the Ministry has embarked on a modernization programme that will see security officers provided with advanced equipment, protective gear, and good vehicles to enable them to handle security situations in times of need.

“The right training will be provided to ensure that they can detect, deter, and effectively respond to the current and emerging security threats. We are also starting to issue Security Force Numbers to the private security guards who will be undergoing this training, as we recognize that they are important partners in community policing.

We are committed to deepening the collaboration between our National Security Organs and the Private Security Industry to enhance our collective security capacity,” Omollo emphasized.

By Judy Too

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