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 Public asked to help monitor county government projects

Members of public in Siaya County have been asked to get involved monitoring of various development projects initiated by the county government to ensure contractors do quality work.

Siaya County Governor Cornel Amoth Rasanga last Thursday said that monitoring of the projects should not be left in the hands of Projects Monitoring Committees (PMCs) alone.

“We expect members of the community to be engaged in project monitoring from the word go because identification of the projects starts with them. Even if there are PMCs the community still has a role to play for the projects to be done properly,” said Rasanga

Speaking at Got Abiero Secondary School in Bondo during the launch of 83 projects worth Sh 300 million in Siaya County, Rasanga encouraged members of the community to alert his office if they suspect that a contractor may be doing shoddy jobs in any of the projects.

“Do not leave the work of monitoring the projects to PMCs. The projects must be done in the best interest of the community and if there is a contractor you suspect is not doing the right thing, bring it to our attention immediately,” said Rasanga.

The governor said all the projects are expected to be completed by the end of June 2020 for the benefit of the people of Siaya County.

He particularly took interest in the Ndira bridge box culvert project in North Sakwa word which is worth Sh9 million saying it will help solve the problem of school children in the area wading through Kawere stream while going to school especially during the rainy seasons.

Area MCA Lorna Adida commended the county government for funding the box culvert projects saying it will be a reprieve for students of Ndira and Kamnara Secondary Schools who risk crossing the stream every morning.

Mrs. Adida said the completion of the project will also ease transportation to Bondo town as traders from Ndira village will not have to go to Ndori to access market for their produce in Bondo town.

“For a long time transportation along Kongao-got Osongo road has always been cut off at Kawere stream making it difficult for traders and vehicles to move. The box culvert project if done properly should solve the problem for the next 50 years,” Adida added

By     Brian Ondeng’

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