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Public cautioned over Huduma fraudsters

Concern has been raised over the rising number of fraudsters impersonating government officials working at the Narok Huduma center and asking members of the public for their identification number.

Assistant County Commissioner in charge of Huduma Center Ms Zam Zam Adams said the fraudsters then use the identification number details to rob innocent members of the public.

She said she has received information from many residents claiming to have received phone calls from the cons. “The members of public have told me those who call ask for identification numbers pretending to be offering assistance only to steal money from their bank accounts and mobile phones,” she said.

Ms Adams clarified that Huduma center officials do not call people asking for identification numbers because it is criminal, but only advised them to visit the center when need be.

“I warn people to be vigilant of such fraudsters who have devised a new formula of stealing money from the members of the public. We request you to report any phone number that calls asking you to give details of your identification number,” she said.

Already, the ACC said they have forwarded two numbers to the area Criminal Investigation Division (CID) for probe in a bid to arrest the culprits.

The call comes only a week after Narok County Commissioner Evans Achoki raised concerns over the increasing number of criminals who call the members of the public pretending to be working in his office.

Achoki said the impersonators pretended to help resolve land issues and family matters and as a result conned the unsuspecting members of the public money.

Commissioner Achoki clarified that he does not transact any business via phone neither are officials working in his office allowed to do so. “If anyone wants to transact any business in my office, he or she should visit my office as it is open to everyone. I discourage people from believing people who call alleging they work in my office,” he said.

By Ann Salaton

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