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Public servants improve operations in efforts to stem coronavirus

As the Government continues to consolidate her efforts towards stemming coronavirus infection which is spreading like bush fire in the Capital city, Departmental heads in neighbouring Kiambu County are using resources prudently to support the initiative.

Several public officers are reading from the same script with the Executive and are similarly consolidating resources to voluntarily test and cushion people from infection as they seek services from respective departments.

People intending to access Kiambu law courts are having their temperatures taken by the security officers manning the entrance.

Those aboard motor vehicles are similarly tested and are required to park their cars and have their temperatures taken so that nobody who is infected with coronavirus is allowed into the premises.

The security guards have been given temperature guns and the visitors are tested, they then proceed to wash their hands at mobile stations placed strategically at the gate.

Kiambu Chief Magistrate Mr. Patriciah Gichohi is spotted occasionally conversing with the guards on the best way forward following the implementation of the Ministry of Health protocols in the premises.

Ms. Gichohi who is an early bird has managed to put structures in place to ensure that all visitors to the law courts adhere to the health rules so as to rule out any outbreak of the disease in the institution.

“Maingi, you have to be vigilant and you should not exempt anybody coming inside the premises to bypass the protocols,” she noted during her rounds Friday.

Kenya News Agency in Kiambu has not been left behind in the fight as the office has generously provided water for hand washing and has been filling the fumigation booth on a daily basis as the two institutions are located within the same compound.

KNA has also provided an isolation area where any person suspected to be infected with coronavirus shall be temporarily held as the Health personnel are called in to come for the person so that they are taken to Kiambu hospital for treatment.  The level 5 hospital is also neighbouring the two institutions which host scores of people seeking services from the Government.

The procurement officer Ms. Priscilla Musyoka while talking to KNA from her office Friday said public officers attending court were collecting masks from her office. “They are supposed to pick one which they use for the day and sign for it for accountability as long as they were civil servants,” she said.

She however revealed to KNA that she had exhausted the stock of masks and could only provide for judicial staff.

Some lawyers visiting the courts are at times reluctant to go through the prescribed health protocols especially the fumigation booth but they have no choice as the protocols are compulsory to all visitors.

By Lydia Shiloya


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