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PWDs to Self-register on e-citizen

The National Council for Persons Living with Disabilities has called on persons with disabilities [PWDs] to register online and get disability certificates from eCitizen.

In a notice to the general public, the council noted that disability cards will no longer be issued or required as proof of disability going forward.

“Accessing or registering through eCitizen is easier because earlier people used to send us national identity cards, which really took a long time to reach us but right now, once you are registered, we give you something like a waiting card that can be printed on the cyber,” Magdalene Mboke, an officer in charge of people with disabilities in the Nakuru regional office, said.

The government, she added, provided assistive devices such as wheelchairs, white canes and sunscreen cream to PWDs, as well as monthly stipends, but the council mostly depends on donors for additional support on such gadgets.

In addition, she said, the government had extended bursaries to PWD students who are enrolling to junior secondary and form one and that it would continue to offer support for the children who excel to continue to higher levels of education.

By Anne Sabuni and Veronicah Ngina


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