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Queuing denotes good customer care

Long queues at Immigration offices in Nakuru Town. Photo by KNA.

Kenyans have been urged to embrace queuing for all services because it was healthy and it gives a positive image of good customer care, which  was important for business growth and it gratifies customers.

The  Chairman of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Jonson Ndegwa  said the queuing culture which has been accepted as the norm in getting and offering services was yet to be fully embraced in the country and yet it denotes fairness.

Addressing  a  press  conference  on Thursday in  his  office in Nakuru  town, he  said during these festivals season wananchi tend to expose their  worst behaviours by pushing and shoving to get into public vehicles, and even in eateries there are those who demand to be served faster than other customers, claiming to be in a hurry.

The  Chairman  said  the was accepted worldwide since it was not only fair but it ensures that the good etiquette of those who arrive earlier was served ahead of those who arrive later.

He  added that contrary to the locals’ judgments, queuing increases efficiency and the speed at which services were offered. However, he blamed those who perceive themselves as being of higher status in society for cutting queues and hence curtailing the embracement of the culture.

Ndegwa  said in the countries where people were fixated with queuing, cutting a line was considered the worst behaviour anybody would exhibit in public and can lead to all sorts of scuffles, fights and frictions.

However, he joked that when it comes to sitting arrangements wananchi tend to prefer sitting at the back, hence forcing those who arrive late to disrupt meetings by walking to the front.

He  urged SMEs to encourage their customers to queue for services this Christmas, in order to offer good customer care services to everybody.

By  Veronica Bosibori

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