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Raila has created a conducive environment for the government, MP says

Alego-Usonga Member of Parliament, Samuel Atandi has defended former Prime Minister Raila Odinga over accusations that he had contributed to the failure by Jubilee government to deliver on its promises to Kenyans.

            Atandi said that to the contrary, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader has greatly assisted the ruling party and the government by creating a conducive environment to enable Jubilee do its work.

            Speaking at Siaya Kenya Medical Training centre grounds in Siaya town, Atandi said that even the ODM parliamentarians had also done their best to support the government by standing with its policies whenever taken to the floor of the house.

            “Raila and ODM cannot be part of the Jubilee failures. If anything, he should be praised for removing the animosity that existed and allowing government space to do its work,” he said while reacting to recent remarks attributed to deputy president, William Ruto and politicians allied to him who blamed the former premier for the Jubilee failure to deliver.

            The legislator said that cheap propaganda will not help politicians allied to the deputy president change the narrative that Kenyans already know, adding that leaders must learn to speak and stick with the truth.

            “After the 2017 elections, ODM, NASA or Raila did not second or nominate anybody to the Cabinet. All the appointees were from Jubilee,” he said adding that Kenyans remember well that it was deputy president who publicly made several promises, most of which were yet to be realized.

            Atandi said that ODM had embarked on a serious quest for the presidency in the next general elections, during which it will serve Kenyans diligently.

            During the occasion, Atandi presided over the distribution of 200 hand washing equipment to the schools in the constituency as part of the efforts to fight the spread of Coronavirus.

            The occasion also saw several groups benefit from support from the Youth Enterprise Development Fund and the National Government Affirmative Action Fund which gave financial support amounting to Sh. 9.6 million.

By Philip Onyango

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