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‘Rainmakers’ on the run for causing Drought in Suba

Two brothers from Gwassi North Location in Suba South Sub-County of Homa Bay are on the run for their dear lives following allegations by villagers that they were causing drought in the region.

The two brothers, Odira Nyangweso, 54, and Ooko Nyangweso, 33, left their home following an attempt on their lives by a group of villagers who attacked them with accusations of having brought dry spells in the Sub- County.

The duo has been accused by a section of residents of being responsible for the prevailing drought as well as the absence of rain since they are endowed with powers to cause rainfall and drought.

A rowdy mob raided their homesteads on Saturday night demanding rainfall with the intention of killing the two if their demands were not met.

It is reported that the mob was shouting with demands that the brothers do away with the dry spell by “summoning rain”.

However, on arrival at the homesteads, they learned that the two had already fled for their safety.

They resolved to torch the granaries and household items estimated at Sh100,000.

While speaking to journalists, Odira decried that the enraged mob threatening their lives, adding that they have been accused falsely of powers that they do not possess. They fear that the rowdy gang could return to our homes at any time.

He further stated that they are only human beings and have no control over rain or drought.

“It is obvious that the person who has the power to cause drought or rain is God. We are just human beings and have no powers whatsoever,” stressed Odira.

The two brothers called on the State to give them protection, saying their lives are at risk because of an issue that is beyond their control.

Confirming the incident, Chief of Gwassi North Location, Fredrick Oduol, condemned the incident, adding that it is a misconception and bad superstition.

“It is wrong to accuse someone with allegations that are unfounded,” he stated.

The Chief noted that their preliminary investigations revealed that the attackers came from Kaksingri West Location.

“I told the two men to report the matter to the police, but in the meantime, there are crucial leads we are following to reach out to organisers of the attack,” he said.

By Sitna Omar

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