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illegal gambling machines return to Meru

Residents of Meru County have raised alarm over the influx of betting and gaming slot machines in the area.

The residents blamed unscrupulous businessmen of stationing the gaming machines, mostly in licensed bars where youths spend most of their time, instead of engaging in gainful activities.

A spot check by KNA reviewed that the areas that are hard hit are Makutano, Gitimbine and Mitunguu. Joseph Njeru, a resident of Mitunguu noted that there were several dens where most youth visited to gamble.

“In some bars, you will find some areas set aside where there are rooms that are always locked and you wonder what goes on inside those rooms,” he said.

Njeru said that gambling is addictive with many gamblers spending thousands of their money believing they will win quick cash.

“Despite the government destroying many gambling machines in this region, some businessmen have bought new ones where they entice unsuspecting youths,” he said adding that many of these dens are breeding dens for criminals.

Meru Municipality Chief Mercy Murithi admitted that the illegal betting was rampant, adding that the young men don’t observe Covid-19 health protocols.

Murithi observed that despite her office conducting several raids in this dens unscrupulous businessmen keep on buying new ones.

She retaliated that her office will continue conducting crackdowns and ensure those dens are closed.

By Muguongo Judy

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