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Rasanga blames MCAs for shoddy work done by road contractors

The  Siaya county governor, Cornel Rasanga has blamed members of Siaya County Assembly for shoddy work done by road contractors in the region.

Rasanga  said that since he came to office in 2013, no single MCA had complained to him about road contractors who  had done shoddy work yet there were numerous verbal  complaints from the public about poorly constructed roads by county governments.

Speaking  on Thursday at  Lihunda Beach in Bondo Sub-County, Rasanga stated that the MCAs do not write complaint letters but instead approach the contractors to demand for kick- backs to remain silent.

The  governor  was responding to complaints by Central Sakwa MCA, Charlton  Andiego about a contractor in the area who was doing shoddy works, adding that such contractors were a threat to Rasanga’s legacy.

“We  have complained about a certain road contractor in the area but he continues to construct roads against what is in the BQ. If the roads here are poorly done Mr. Governor, everyone will put the blame on you. It is your legacy that is being spoilt so we urge you to take action against such contractors,” said Andiego.

Rasanga  in response told the MCA that he was equally to blame for if any road project is poorly done and his legacy was also at stake.

He  said that the MCAs should not run away from the oversight role but instead take responsibility to ensure that the projects implemented by the executive wing are  effectively done.

Rasanga said that if there are any anomalies with the projects it is the duty of the MCAs to take it to the assembly and to lunch official complaint to the executive  for necessary action.

“We  are all serving the public. Whether executive or the assembly the responsibility of serving the public lies in our feet and we cannot run away from it,” he said.

He  on  the other hand  warned that the county government would not condone contractors doing substandard work on county projects adding that such people risks not only black listing but also prosecution.

By  Brian  Ondeng’

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