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Referral Hospital gets a face lift ahead of World Pneumonia Day

It is no longer an eyesore. It is now a referral hospital where patients from other lower levels are referred to for specialised treatment that cannot be offered in the smaller units including health centres and dispensaries.
Built in 1921, Kiambu Level 5 Referral hospital looks like its a new facility located in the heart of Kiambu Business District.
The hospital evolved from a tiny vaccination centre and expanded her tentacles from vaccination to proper treatment, to surgery which are carried out on patients admitted at the hospital.
After a century, the facilities that the hospital did not own have been installed and more modern equipment that are used for surgery cases have been put up at the hospital. The maternity wing too has not been left behind. At least 2000 mothers give birth at the hospital in a month.
Currently, it has a bed capacity of 411 according to the hospital Administer Mr. Eston Mbuthia while taking this reporter on a tour of the now modern hospital.
The hospital which gained the status of Level 5 in 2017 is now an ultra modern facility especially after the recent tour of the Chief Administrative Secretary for Health Dr. Mercy Mwangangi.
The CAS toured the hospital during the celebrations to mark the World Pneumonia day on November 12, 2020.
The celebrations were a National event and as is tradition, the guest had to be taken round the health facility. She was to appreciate what the County Government of Kiambu was doing in matters of Health amid the Coronavirus pandemic in the Country.
Owing to its location that it is located in the outskirts of Nairobi City County, it has been credited for treating patients from far and wide. Almost half of the patients flocking to the referral hospital hail from Nairobi. Thanks to Universal

Referral Hospital gets a face lift ahead of World Pneumonia Day

Health Care by the Government which guaranteed the service to all citizens irrespective of where they live.
It is for this reason that the Governors of Kiambu County both former and current have been agitating for additional funds to help run the hospital.
Kiambu Level 5 which started as a vaccination Centre for Africans is currently a health institute attracting patients from neighbouring counties of Nairobi, Machakos, Kajiado, Nakuru and Murang’a. This means the health services being offered are important and that’s why there is an influx of people.
In a day, the personnel at the hospital attend to between 700–1000 at the outpatient department according to statistics given to KNA by the hospital Administrator Mr. Eston Mbuthia.
The hospital since inception has been improved gradually and in 2017 it was upgraded to a Level 5 hospital.
Accordingly, when a hospital reaches that level, it benefits from a conditional grant from the National Government. This translates to Sh. 400 Million annually and 70 per cent of the grant is meant for development projects for the hospital.
The encouraging news is that the hospital is able to handle very delicate operations and very few are referred to Kenyatta National Hospital.
Mr. Mbuthia told KNA that the facility was refurbished prior to the Pneumonia celebrations. This is normally the norm when a visitor is touring the facility and the host needs to put her house in order,
The Administration block, OPD/casualty Radiology, pediatrics (comprehensive) ENT/ Eye unit, Laundry and kitchen got a facelift. To this Ms. Mwangangi remarked, “this place looks very well kept,” as she appreciated the services being offered at Kiambu Referral Hospital.
During his address while welcoming the CAS, the Governor of Kiambu Dr. James Nyoro appreciated the collaboration from the National Government saying it had come in at the right time when the health facility was serving an extremely high number of patients.
He similarly appreciated the work done by the health workers saying they were up to the task especially amid Covid-19 when they have taken in patients, tested and treated those that had symptoms. The Governor noted that it was important for the Hospital to continue getting assistance owing to the scores of patients from their counties whom he put at 60 per cent.

By Lydia Shiloya


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