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Residents now want development on disputed land suspended

Residents of Bula Towfiq, in the outskirts of Garissa now want both the national and county governments to suspend all development on disputed land in the area.
Addressing the press on a disputed piece of land the residents accused a private developer whom they said was “politically connected” of curving off 500 acres of land without “consulting the owners” who have lived in the area for decades.
Led by Galbet MCA Abdirizak Ismail the residents said there has been a ‘serious growing appetite’ for land in the outskirts of Garissa town especially from powerful personalities targeting communal land.
Abdirizak said that they will use all possible means including courts to ensure they stop what he termed as “blatant grabbing of the land belonging to the poor.”
The MCA said that the residents have occupied the land for over 80 years and they “clearly know who the land belonged to.”
He urged the political class to stop using their influence to create animosity among the communities who have coexisted peacefully for many years.
During the Mashujaa Day celebrations, Garissa Governor Ali Korane said that the county government will issue notices to persons who have illegally acquired land beyond the Ring Road in Garissa town.
Korane said land grabbing in Garissa town and its environs had resulted in bloody conflicts, deaths and destruction of properties.
The governor said that despite verbal warnings from both county and national governments officials, land grabbing continues unabated.
He warned those who will defy the notice that their structures will be forcefully demolished at their expense on the expiry of the notices.

By Jacob Songok


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