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Regional Commissioner issues stern warning to those housing Tanzanian beggars

The  Rift  Valley Regional Commissioner(RC), Mwongo  Chimwanga  has issued a stern warning to local residents who have been  misusing disabled Tanzanian nationals to beg in the streets of Nakuru for their own selfish interests.

Mwongo  said  the government would deport such people once caught and at the same time take legal action against Kenyans  involved in the practice.

He  noted  that there has been an influx of beggars on the streets of Nakuru and it has been established that some of them  were not Kenyans.

The RC  said  that Kenya has put in place mechanisms to empower disabled with a view to making them self reliant and so the  government would not allow individuals to take advantage of them.

Mwongo  spoke   at   his  Nakuru  office grounds on Tuesday  during the launch of Rift  Valley Region Donations Programme by  the  National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya (NFDK).

The  Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Herman  Shambi said that at least 28 Tanzanians have so far been apprehended  and  repatriated.

Shambi  added that a Kenyan who was behind the racket is currently serving a jail term for the offense and commended  Judiciary  for working together with the security agencies to deter offenders.

The  RC urged  disabled persons to register with NFDK whereby they will obtain a card that will enable them get services  faster. The  card  will also help them get job opportunities and full salaries devoid of taxation.

Speaking  at  the event, the Chairperson of the Donations Department of NFDK, Prof. Julia Ojiambo thanked the government for  the continued support of the annual event currently in its 39th year of operation.

The  NFDK  was  allocated 100 million in the 2019/2020 Budget read by the National Treasury Cabinet Secretary, Henry  Rotich to fund its operations.

Prof. Ojiambo added that NFDK had already started issuing out cheques to enable disabled parents and students to meet  some basic needs.

During  the  event, equipment and cheques worth Sh. 8 million were  given out. Among the equipment distributed, included  those  used infarming, plumbing, shoe making, radio repair, carpentry, and salon. Some beneficiaries also got  car battery chargers.

By  Samuel  Njoroge

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