Relief after Nakwamekwi water project completed

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After four years of unreliable water supply, residents of Nanyang’akipi, Comboni and Red bana areas of Nakwamekwi in Lodwar Township Ward are now enjoying regular water supply.

This follows the spirited efforts by Department of Water Services and Lodwar Water & Sanitation Co. Ltd engineers to complete upgrading works on water pipes in the area which begun four weeks ago, in a rapid results initiative (RRI) programme ordered by governor Jeremiah Lomurukai.

The civil works which included plumbing and repair of the solarized borehole at Nakapong’oroit were undertaken under the stewardship of the Ag. Chief Officer for Water Services James Lokwale.

It is a huge relief for the 400 households who have endured years of dry taps after the water system in the area collapsed.

During a spot-check Tuesday morning, Lokwale said the department will as a matter of priority develop and rehabilitate existing boreholes on the banks of river Turkwel, including construction of elevated steel tanks at strategic locations, to ensure a steady and adequate water supply of the precious commodity to all parts of Nakwamekwi suburb.

Separately, he also joined technical officers from Team and Team International in inspecting ongoing infrastructural works of boreholes located at Nakwamekwi and Nabulon Primary School aimed at improving water supply at Lokitet, Napeing’ol, Naperobei, Nataparka’akono and Nabulon areas of Lodwar Municipality.

By Peter Gitonga

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