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Religious leaders unite to protect the welfare of children

Inter-religious council in partnership with catholic relief services have started a child development programme in Homa Bay County to protect the welfare of children.

The religious leaders said the main objective of the platform is to advocate for positive parenting and the development of children from birth to 3 years.

The programme also forms the development foundation of the child psychologically, mentally, physically and socially from when the child is born.

The Chairman of the inter-religious council of Homa Bay town Bishop Abrahams Wanda Odongo said that they are going to implement the project in collaboration with government agencies which are in support of the programme.

“We are going to implement this project largely in collaboration with government officials who are in support of what we are implementing. Our main role as faith leaders is advocacy,” Abraham said.

He also said that they will go through a series of trainings and dialogue meetings for smooth implementation.

He also promised to spread the message to their congregants and the community at large for them to appreciate that positive parenting is something that can’t be ignored.

Assistant County Commissioner Maurine Wamalwa, said that they are in full support of the initiative.

‘As the national government, we are in full support of this initiative. We are looking forward to maximum collaboration from the community and the county government to achieve the objective,’ Maurine said.

By Linet Mwajuma and Langat Davis


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