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Religious leaders urge Uhuru and Ruto to mend their differences

A section of religious leaders in Garissa want President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy Dr. William Ruto to mend their differences and unite the country.
Addressing the press at a Garissa hotel under the auspices of the Garissa County Dialogue Conference (FCDC) the clergymen led by Rev. David Matolo, further appealed to the national government and its agencies to serve Kenyans equally irrespective of whether they are allied to Ruto or Uhuru.
Two weeks ago, the National Security Advisory Council issued fresh security measures which were interpreted as aimed at slowing down Ruto’s political activities.
Ruto’ allies have since criticized President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration, saying that they can no longer stomach mistreatment in a government they helped build from scratch.
“We wish to remind the President and his Deputy that the people of Kenya elected them as a unit and they have no choice but to serve them, contrary to the consistent political posturing and gesturing that has dominated the news,” Rev. Matolo said
“These continued political activities have jeopardized the quest for better service delivery to Kenyans. We call upon them (Uhuru and Ruto), together with their cabinet to work in a united front for the sake of Kenyans who elected them to office,” he added.
Sheikh Abdirahman Shakul on his part urged communities residing in Garissa town to continue embracing harmony and tolerance towards each other to allow peaceful co-existence with one another.
They commended the communities for enduring trials in all the challenges that they have faced in the recent past but still remained united.
The county has in the past been faced with a myriad of challenges ranging from terrorists attack, that led to mass exodus of public servants most notably teachers, the floods that ravaged parts of the county and the biting drought that killed hundreds of livestock which are the economic mainstay in the area.
“As leaders we don’t take the peace and tranquility that we enjoy for granted. There has been less tension in the county with the region largely remaining peaceful even during contested presidential elections,” Sheikh Shakul said.
Father Nicholas Mutua challenged the county government to embrace an accountable leadership through effective communication of county plans and encouraging an effective feedback mechanism.
Mutua said such collaboration will allow a seamless interaction between the leadership and the populace.
“We challenge the county executive to set up an efficient monitoring and evaluation department which audits all projects and their execution and allow integrity be the overall guiding principle in all acts of service delivery,” Fr Mutua said.
The religious leaders further encouraged the executive and the county assembly to work together to ensure that the people of Garissa county are given value for their delegated power to be led.
By Jacob Songok

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