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Religious leaders urged to promote peace

Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani has called on religious leaders in the county not to relent in promoting unity and working towards the betterment of the region.

Achani reiterated that the devolved government will work closely with religious leaders in the coastal county to promote peace, unity and stability.

She also challenged religious leaders to use faith to promote peace and ensure prosperity for the people as well as the development of local communities.

The governor furthers urged residents to work together irrespective of their religious and ethnic differences.

Achani urged religious leaders to continue making it a ‘collective responsibility’ to preach and work towards promoting unity, peace and tranquility in Kwale.

She urged Muslims and Christians in the county to come together to pursue peace, unity and solidarity noting that they are inseparable.

“Promoting unity and peace will bring about a peaceful coexistence among our diverse communities,” she said, stressing that in spite of differences, people must be able to sit together and dialogue and avoid situations that create disharmony.

She urged residents not to allow hate speech and ethnic bigotry from politicians to flourish saying, ‘We cannot afford to be divided as a people.’

Achani spoke during a meeting with Christian religious leaders drawn from Msambweni Sub County led by Pastor Esther Wangari, who said the core interest of all religious leaders was to ensure that the people they lead live in unity and peace.

The Governor also encouraged religious leaders to work with the county and national government in promoting peace and unity countrywide.

She said her administration has been working closely with Muslim and Christian religious leaders in the county and will continue to sustain that relationship.

“I undertake to work together with all religious leaders and respect their advice and opinions on matters of leadership and development,” said Achani.

At the same time, the governor urged the religious leaders to participate in the county public participation forums so as to give their inputs on the many projects being implemented by the devolved unit.

She said the county will endeavor to involve the general public in all its plans and programs through participation forums and developmental committees.

The governor said religious leaders have a role to play in promoting social justice and cohesion, democracy and the general welfare of the people.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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