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Report Drug Peddlers To Security Personnel, Judge Urges

Justice Luka Kimaru of Kitale High Court has called on members of the public to report drug peddlers to the security personnel.

The judge said the drug peddlers were destroying the lives of the youths saying since the drugs are quite expensive, they mix them with contaminants to make profits without caring about the effects of the contaminants on the users.

“One gram of a drug like cocaine costs Sh4, 000. Since most of the people cannot afford, the peddlers mix it with contaminants to make profits,” the judge said.

He called on the youths to guard against using the drug saying once one starts taking it, then they hooked for life saying the case in the country is even worse as very few can afford the cost of rehabilitation.

Kimaru said though the use of drugs among the youths was prevalent in the country, it is only the users who are mainly arrested while the peddlers continue with their illegal trade.

Speaking in Iten, the judge who is also a member of the Power of Mercy Committee said for the 12 years he has worked as a judge, he has handled so many drug cases involving users but none of them has ever revealed who sells the drugs to them.

“It’s surprising that whenever I ask the user where they get the drugs from, they never reveal the names of those who supply the drugs to them”.

By Alice Wanjiru

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