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Reprieve as consumers receieve subsidized maize flour

Hundreds of residents in Mwingi Central flocked Biashara Trading Company Limited Monday morning after the company opened its doors for direct sale of maize flour to consumers at Sh 100 per 2 kg packet.

The company maintained the price even after the government announced the suspension of the subsidy that had been briefly put in place ahead of the elections.

Speaking to KNA, Biashara Trading Sales Manager Ali Omar said the company has decided to open doors for direct sale to consumers because retailers are being dishonest and doubling the prices at retail level.

He confirmed that the company shops have maintained the sh. 100 price for 2kgs.

However, he said the company has a strict ceiling of 4 packets per client to ensure as many people as possible benefit from the subsidy.

This has come a week after the government suspended the sh. 100 Unga subsidy.

Agriculture Cabinet secretary Peter Munya suspended the subsidy, citing inadequate funds from the Treasury to see the program through.

Consumers have expressed their gratitude to the company for allowing them to buy direct from company shops instead of buying from retailers who often double the price.

The Unga subsidy program was launched last month and was projected to cost taxpayers at least sh.8 billion.

By Charles Matacho and Benard Maluki

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