Residents appeal to gov’t to flush out bandits in Mukogodo forest

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Laikipia North residents have appealed to the government to beef up security in the area and flush out bandits in Mukogodo forest in bid to restore peace.

Hundreds of residents issued a one-week ultimatum to the government in a written memorandum after holding protests at the Laikipia County Commissioner’s offices in Nanyuki town.

In their three pages memorandum, they decried that, Mukogodo location, Sieku, Il Ngwesi and Makurian had been frequented by bandits.

“We wish to petition the Government of Kenya through this memorandum that we are suffering due to deadly, brutal and terroristic banditry that has become the order of the day in our homeland,” Samson Francis Nantiri said while reading the memorandum to the local leaders.

On Monday, a 58-year-old herdsman was killed by armed bandits after they invaded the home of the former speaker of the National Assembly, Francis ole Kaparo. They drove away 15 camels, however, a multi-agency security team have since recovered 10 of them. A man hunt has since been launched in a bid to recover the remaining animals.

They noted that whenever there is a raid, the bandits leave a trail of destruction and at the same time paralyze learning in the area.

Laikipia Governor Joshua Irungu said National Police Reservist (NPR) ought to protect residents and should not be stationed at police stations. He noted that through the memorandum that was presented, he would appeal to the Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki for additional police reservists.

Laikipia North MP Sarah Korere, said that security in the area should be given priority to protect the lives and property of the residents.

The Laikipia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said NPR were being deployed in all the security affected areas in a bid to stop banditry attacks.

Kanyiri said the security team will work closely with leaders from neighbouring counties of Isiolo and Samburu to restore sanity in the region.

“There will be a close relationship with our friends from Isiolo and Samburu. If cattle are driven to a certain location, it will be the responsibility of those leaders from those areas to ensure the stolen cattle are recovered,” said Kanyiri.

By Muturi Mwangi

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