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Residents ask County Government to Construct Drainage System after Flash Floods Destroy Property

A wall destroyed by flash floods in Narok- Total Estate on Thursday January 16, 2020. Photo by KNA.

Residents  of  Total area around Maasai Mara University  want the county government to construct a drainage system in the area after flash floods destroyed property worth millions of shillings  on Thursday night.

The all nightlong heavy rains broke the walls of two rental houses before sweeping away all the household property inside.

The  Nyumba Kumi representative in the area, Jacob  Otieno blamed the county government for lack of a proper drainage system amid the many buildings coming up in the area.

“Investors are putting up buildings everywhere due to the high demand of the university students hence interfering with the water path. I have never seen such a huge destruction caused by rains in the area since I began living here 12 years ago,” said the village elder.

However, Otieno said no one was injured during the incident as the occupants, who are Maasai Mara University students are on their short holiday session.

“God is great as the university students who occupy the destroyed houses are away for holidays, otherwise I don’t know what would have happened were they inside during the incident,” he said.

Otieno alleged the houses affected were poorly built with cheap materials and therefore were not strong enough to withstand the heavy flash floods.

“If the buildings had strong foundation, they could probably not have collapsed. Investors need to be keen when developing to avoid incurring such huge losses,” he said.

One of the tenants, Samuel Kimutai said they heard a loud bang from one of the houses and were surprised when they went to check out only to find a stream of water flowing towards the gate.

“The two vehicles that were packed inside the plot were also swept by the waters but recovered downstream,” he said.

Heavy  rain is still pounding the area with Meteorology department advising residents to be cautious. the Director of Meteorology, Peter  Runanu advised residents in flood prone areas to be careful and move to safer grounds to avoid being swept by flash floods.

By  Ann  Salaton

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