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Residents blame rains for cases of burglary

A  section of Meru Town residents have decried increased cases of burglaries in the locality, attributing it to heavy rains currently pounding the area mostly during the night.

Speaking to KNA on Wednesday, some tenants in Gitoro area in the outskirts of Meru Town said they have been experiencing cases of burglaries at night especially on rainy days.

They  said some landlords have been compelled to reinforce doors on their premises after some shops in the area were broken into by unknown people.

“This is uncommon and we suspect the burglars seem to be taking advantage of the night rains to execute their criminal moves,” said Antony Kimani, a tenant in the area.

Kimani added that he was even becoming afraid what would happen in case he travels to the village for the Christmas festivities.

The tenants are now appealing to all landlords to consider engaging night guards during this festive season especially for those without them.

A spot-check by KNA established that sometimes the rains are too heavy for security officers to conduct their daily patrols like they always do at night.

Meanwhile, some landlords have now embarked on instituting stringent security measures in their premises so as to protect their tenants’ property.

By  Richard  Muhambe

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