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Residents call on the county government to ensure water connectivity

Residents of Mugira, Makuyu in Maragua constituency have called on the county government to help them get connected to water after a well-wisher sunk a borehole in the area.

The area which is part of the arid lands has never been connected to the basic commodity occasioning the residents to travel long distances in search of it.

Conversely, the only water they get from the only river several kilometres away is often laden with impurities as farming and other unrelated activities take place upstream.

The residents who spoke at Makuyu during the launch of the Mountain View Spring Water on Saturday expressed relief at having a clean water source in their area.

“We are happy that for the first time we will get water in our homes and we will get rest from travelling long distances in search of water,” observed Jecinta Wambui, one of the residents.

“Even our homes will be peaceful because we have had numerous quarrels with our husbands who demand for water after a day’s work yet there is no water,” she added.

She urged the government to recognise the gesture and help them get the commodity in their homes by assisting in piping.

On his part, the proprietor of Mountain View Spring Water Ltd Stephen Maina Mburu noted that he sunk the 300m deep borehole after seeing how his community has continued to grapple with lack of clean water since his childhood.

“In 2020 when I found my father fetching water far away from the house despite his age, I made a resolve to drill a borehole for him,” he said.

“Luckily, the borehole sprang forth with alot of fresh water that was beyond his consumption and that prompted me to resolve to ensure that the rest of the community gets water too,” added Maina

He approached the Water Resources Authority (Warma) and the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) and got the prerequisites approvals that allowed him to connect water to households.

“lt has not been an easy task, but seeing my community access clean drinking water surpasses all the challenges and financial implications therein,” he said

He urges the young people who have travelled for work in far off places and urban areas to always look back and help uplift their societies.

“If the county government can assist us with pipes, all the residents will be able to have access to the water and this will make our area even more productive. They will be able to rear animals and grow vegetables with we ease,” he stated.

The project, whose infrastructure cost Sh30m including water tank and piping installation, an office and a water kiosk is set to benefit over 10,000 across Makuyu ward.

By Florence Kinyua


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