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Residents challenge legality of municipality board

A group of Naivasha residents has gone to court to challenge the legality of hiring and vetting of the newly appointed Naivasha Municipality Board members who are due for swearing-in.

A week after the Board members were vetted by the County Assembly, the residents under a certificate of urgency have petitioned Naivasha High Court to quash the whole process.

The petitioners questioned the education background and permanent residences of some of the board members who have been seconded to the county by various organizations.

In the application filed by Eskimos Kobia, Lucas Karobia Kiratu and Haki Jamii Rights Center, the petitioners want the recruitment process started afresh terming the previous one as unconstitutional.

Their lawyer, George Kimani argued that Nakuru County government and its agents engaged in unlawful process of nominating and vetting the board members.

The petitioners claimed that the list of the nominees was contentious and irregular, noting that crucial stakeholders were excluded in the nomination process.

Part of the petition stated it would be prejudicial to exclude stakeholders in the formation of the critical board Naivasha being a fast growing town with vital infrastructural installations.

The petitioners noted that the selected nominees lacked basic requirements like permanent residency and educational requirements to seat at the board.

One of the petitioners, Kobia, in an affidavit swore that he had information to prove that some of the nominees did not have a degree as required by law for anyone intending to serve as a board member.

Kobia, who is also the Chairman of Naivasha Professional Association (NPA), added that one of the appointees did not have a functional business in Naivasha sub-county as per the set requirements.

But in a letter from Naivasha Professional Association, the CEO, Absalom Mukuusi who is one of the nominees denied that they had instructed a lawyer to stop the vetting exercise.

Mukuusi said the association held its special governing council meeting on 4th of April and did not issue directions to object the nomination of the Board members.

By  Esther  Mwangi/Hannah Wambui

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