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Residents decry insecurity at Sindo trading centre

Residents of Sindo Town in Suba South Constituency want the security agencies to order landlords to maintain records of their tenants to curb criminals using rental houses as hideouts.

The residents led by Ouma Naya called on police and Beach Management Unit leadership to push landlords to take details of their tenants so as to deter criminals who are hiding in rental houses without identification documents.

Naya  said that a number of people who have attained the age of 18 years and above do not have National Identification (ID) cards and cannot be traced after committing criminal activities since they use nicknames.

They further accused single ladies who purport to be businesswomen of perpetuating prostitution which they termed as a security threat, adding that their backgrounds are a mystery as some of them do not have ID cards.

Another resident, Michael Otieno called on security officers to direct landlords to record details of their tenants before they are allowed to occupy rental houses and bars.

Otieno decried high cases of defilement, rape and murder cases carried out by suspected criminals whose identity is unknown.

Speaking to KNA, the residents further challenged security officers to regulate the number of bars in the area which harbor criminals and encourage child prostitution.

They expressed fears that education standards of their children will not be realized due to child prostitution amid an increase in the number of bars at the beach.

By  Godwine Ochieng/Davis Langat

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