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Residents live in fear after armed gang steal, rape five

Central Regional Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga has warned a group of armed gangsters terrorizing and raping women in Juja farm, Kiambu County that their days are numbered.
Speaking during a security meeting in Juja town Thursday, the RC said they have information that the gang is from the neighbouring Nairobi county and that the security team has laid traps on them.
He said they will not allow criminals to wreak havoc in the once peaceful area, saying the law will catch up with them.
He said Juja area is the home to about seven universities and such insecurity incidents may cause fear among students and investors.
“Our role is to secure the citizens and provide a peaceful environment to work and we promise to live up to it. This gang will be wiped out,” he said.
On Wednesday, a gang of eight armed with an AK47 and a pistol, sharp axes, machetes and knives broke into several houses at the estate that is kilometers away from Juja town, stole electrical appliances, phones, money and raped four women from the same family in an incident that has left many in fear.
Residents say the gang struck at around 11.30pm and were not wearing masks to hide their identifications but they were all unfamiliar to the residents.
“That day, there was a power blackout and everyone went to bed early. At around 11.30, we heard a loud knock on the door of people pretending to be the police officers and once we opened a group of armed men entered. They were armed with guns and machetes and dared us to raise alarm. They stole from us,” said Anne Wanjiru, a resident.
“This has happened frequently and we now fear for our lives. What concerns us is that the police take long to respond to our distress calls,” she said.
William Mureithi believes that the police are compromised, wondering how armed gangmen can frequent the area without fearing security officers.
The nearby police post lacks a vehicle and the police use one motorcycle to respond to distress calls from residents.
By Muoki Charles

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