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Commissioner Kimiti Warn Boda Boda Operators for Flouting Covid-19 rules

The  Narok  County Commissioner (CC), Samuel Kimiti on Tuesday  put on notice Boda Boda riders who do not observe measures put in place to combat the novel Corona Virus that their licenses will be withdrawn.

Kimiti  blamed Boda Boda operators for the increasing cases of Corona virus following their reckless way of operation, as they did not mind carrying customers without facemasks nor did they mind sanitizing their customers before transporting them.

“We have already arrested tens of boda boda operators and their customers for flouting the Covid-19 rules. They will be arraigned in court and charged accordingly,” said Kimiti.

Despite Narok County having reported over 70 cases of Covid-19, the residents still lead a careless life as many walk without facemasks, residents do not keep social distance nor do many mind regular cleaning of their hands.

The  CC  who addressed the media today from his office said they have set up a special committee that will ensure the residents in the county adhere to the laid down rules to curb the spread of Covid-19.

“We are organizing to have civilian clothed police officers who will move around the town and other densely populated areas to check if the residents are observing the basic regulations set by the department of Health,” said Kimiti.

On  bars, Kimiti reiterated that all bars should remain closed as directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta during his address to the Nation on Monday and warned those who dare open their premises or found selling alcohol will be arrested and their licenses withdrawn permanently.

“I will be in the frontline to ensure what the president said is highly respected. Anyone who feels he will flout the rules is in the wrong place as we will catch-up with them and punish them accordingly,” said Kimiti.

On  the Narok –Tanzania border in Loita, the CC said they have boost security in the area to avoid illegal inter-border crossing.

“It is good that our people are vigilant because this disease is real and can affect any person regardless of his status, age or sex. It is the duty of each of us to protect ourselves,” said Kimiti.

Elsewhere, lack of concerted effort from various sectors in Bondo Sub County has been identified as the major weak link in the fight against spread of coronavirus in the region.

According to Mildmay Programme Officer, Brenda Togo, various sectors in the region have exhibited different levels of commitment in the fight against the spread of coronavirus leaving members of the public exposed.

Togo said despite the ongoing public sensitization efforts on coronavirus, members of the public have been reluctant to follow the laid down public health guidelines due to lack of concerted efforts in the sectors.

“After training leaders from bodaboda, mining, matatu, beach management units, faith-based organisations and law enforcement sectors in May this year as champions against coronavirus; we have feedback that although people have adequate information about the disease, there is laxity in embracing public health directives because the sectors do not have same level of commitment in fighting the disease,” said Togo.

“An 80 year old woman who adheres to the Covid-19 guidelines and does not go church to is left frustrated when she boards a matatu which does not adhere to guidelines of social distance hence being exposed to the deadly disease,” she said.

Togo asked leaders from the transport, fishing, faith-based, administration and health sectors to ensure strict adherence to Covid-19 guidelines in their areas of jurisdiction to boost the fight against the spread of corona virus.

She also asked members of public to take individual responsibility in containing the spread of corona virus instead of hoping that others will act responsibly to stop the spread of the disease.

The  programme officer stated that the public should not expect police officer to be everywhere to follow up of adherence to COVID 19 health guidelines.

“Each one has to take individual responsibility to combat this disease, police will not be everywhere to ensure you wear facemasks or avoid social gathering. You are your own first line of defense”, Togo said.

By  Ann  Salaton/Brian Ondeng’

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