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Five girls married off

Five  fourth form girls from Aitong area in Narok West Sub County have been married off during this season when the schools are closed due to Covid-19.

The  area Chief, Daniel  Taki  said the girls who are aged 18 to 19 years agreed with their families to get married as their earlier plans were to get married immediately after completing form four.

“We have received reports that five girls from my area of jurisdiction have already been married off. I will however go after them to ensure they sit for their national examination,” said Chief Taki.

The  Chief  who was speaking in his office on Tuesday asked parents to act as role models to their children during this season when they are at home to avert incidents of early marriages and pregnancies.

“This is the time parents should sit down with their children to teach them how to be responsible citizens. It is sad that most parents do not care about the whereabouts of their children leaving them to engage in immoral behaviour,” he said.

At  the same time, Chief  Taki decried the use of mobile phones among young girls, saying they have contributed to increased cases of immorality among the young generation.

“It is very unfortunate that girls have phones but cannot afford to buy airtime hence they have to follow men who take advantage of them,” he said.

The  Chief  said it is sad that the young girls are cheated by elderly men who engage them regularly via the mobile phones hence cheating on them.

“The parents purchased phones for their children to enable them read online, however, the same phones are used to lure the girls for sex,” he added.

The Children’s Department echoed the sentiments, saying children with cell phones are more vulnerable to being lured to sex by wealth men.

“These days, the girls are not lured by sweets or cheap snacks, they fall on things like mobile phones and calling cards,” said Elizabeth Kasura, Narok Children’s office social workers.

Kasura also accused parents of neglecting their children and urged them to step up in their role reiterating a majority of teenage pregnancies involve close relatives.

By  Ann  Salaton

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