Residents mobilise themselves to repair roads to end their suffering

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Residents of Aldina-Mikanjuni area in Jomvu sub county of Mombasa who have been battling with deplorable feeder roads  on Sunday kicked off rehabilitation works.

Those interviewed said after enduring long periods of dilapidated roads they are now looking forward to a new lease of life.

They said the nature of the roads made life unbearable for the people and called on the county government to intervene and end their misery.

They  were led by Mikindani Member of the Mombasa County Assembly (MCA), Renson Thoya  who said most roads in Mombasa require urgent attention.

The  Community  activist, Morris Odero  said they were now full of hope and excitement as they worked on feeder roads.

Odero  said residents have contributed money, materials while others offered free labour to fix roads that gave them nightmare.

He  condemned the county authorities for neglecting roads under their mandate, saying the road infrastructure is critical to the economic activities of any society.

Another  community leader, Granton  Mwamburi said socio-economic activities in the sub county had worsened as people had difficulty leaving their homes especially during the rainy season as roads become impassable.

The community leader has appealed to the county to fix their roads to ensure rapid socio-economic development.

Lilian  Wawira, another resident said the feeder roads were in bad condition making it difficult for human, vehicular and motorcycle movements.

He  said residents feel pain all over the body after using cars, motorbikes, bicycles and other modes of transport due to the bumpy and rough roads.

She  said they have been pointing out the poor condition of roads used by the residents but no action has been taken by the relevant authorities.

The  MCA has mobilized lorries, graders, bulldozers and other earth-moving equipment of various sizes to help construct the roads.

Michael Kisara  said residents are using their own resources to repair the roads that have been dilapidated for years.

Kisara  said most roads in various parts of the coastal city have been damaged by recent heavy rains forcing them to buy murram and fix it.

Thoya commended the residents for mobilizing themselves and taking the decision to fix roads in their localities saying the move would end an era of backwardness in the affected communities.

He said people deserved better roads to enhance their daily socio-economic activities and improve their living standards.

By  Hussein  Abdullahi

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