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Residents raise funds to construct road

Residents of Tuala in a community sponsored initiative have raised funds for repair and construction of the road that links them to Ongata Rongai Town.

The residents have raised a lump sum of over Sh 600 000 for construction of 4km of the stretch of road between African Nazarene University and Tuala town.

For several years, the residents have decried the deteriorating state of the road but no action has been taken in their plight to the national government to have the road tarmacked which has prompted the initiative by the residents to raise funds and tarmac a section of the road.

According to the chairman of the Tuala residents Joseph Kitur, the area residents had brought up the issue of the tarmacking of the road in a public participation forum in the year 2020 but since then they have been getting reports that no funds have been allotted for the project.

Silas Okemo a resident of Tuala said transport in the area is a challenge because of the deplorable state of the roads that are riddled with potholes which has made it difficult to access basic amenities like hospitals and has contributed to high insecurity in the area.

“This is a road under the national government but our efforts to have it repaired have fallen on deaf ears. Our children find it difficult going to school, expectant mothers are not able to quickly access a healthcare facility when they are due to deliver and even most boda boda operators avoid this route and those who come here charge exuberant rates,” he said.

Tuala residents expressed their disappointment in what they termed as failure of the government in their mandate citing that it is not sustainable for them to raise funds for the construction of the roads due to the harsh economic times. The residents are seeking intervention from the Ministry of Transport in tarmacking the roads to put a permanent end to the transport menace.

Although the road linking Tuala to Kitengela had been gazetted by Kenya (KERRA), no contractors are yet to tarmac the roads.

By Amy Moyi

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