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Nyeri residents ready for covid-19 vaccination

A number of residents in Nyeri County have declared their willingness to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 disease even as the country continues to witness a surge in daily infections.

Speaking to KNA Nyeri, most of the residents expressed their willingness to be vaccinated and observe the Covid-19 protocols to curb the spread of the virus.

Mrs Consolata Wangui, who received her first vaccination a week ago, said that she was very ready to receive the second shot to protect herself and people around her.

“I was not forced to take the jab. I did it for my own will. I know this will protect me from the adverse effects of Covid-19 in case I get infected,” Wangui said.

“People should not fear the vaccine. You will only experience some mild effects after vaccination however, after a few hours you’re fine. Be vaccinated, do not fear,” she added.

Another resident Joseph Gitonga, speaking at Nyeri Town Health Centre while waiting to receive the jab said that he was doing so for his own protection.

Though a number of residents had shown up at the health centre very early Thursday to receive the jab, they were disappointed after learning that the facility had run out of the vaccine.

For instance, Mary Nyambura complained that despite having arrived early in the Referral facility, she missed out to get the crucial jab after being informed that the facility had run out of the shots.

“I was here very early in the morning to receive the jab only to learn that I won’t be vaccinated today since there is no more vaccine. The government should ensure that there is a continuous supply of the vaccine to avoid such disappointments,” she lamented.

“I am also disappointed because I won’t be vaccinated today. The problem is that there is a limited number of those who will receive vaccination per day and this leaves most of us out of the process. Maybe today I was to be among those who would be vaccinated because I was here very early only to learn that the facility is short of the vaccine,” Loise Wangui, another resident, complained.

The number of Covid 19 cases in Kenya has been on a steady rise in recent weeks with 1,200 new infections being reported on average each day.

Since the pandemic struck in mid-March last year, Kenya has recorded a total of 222,894 infections and 4,354 coronavirus-related deaths.

On a positive note, the country has managed to administer   2,101,403 million doses of the AstraZeneca jab to her citizens so far, translating to about 2 per cent of the country’s population.

By Ann Ngure and Maureen Gitubiah

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