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Residents up in arms over lack of water

Residents of Kiamuringa village in Mbeere South Sub County are up in arms over what they termed as laxity of Embu Water and Sanitation Company (EWASCO) to respond to water shortages in their village.

Led by the Chairman of Board of Management, Ngangari primary school Mr. Justus Nyaga, the residents who camped at EWASCO offices lamented that the water company had ignored them despite their frequent reports in the last three months.

They accused the management of giving empty promises wondering whether they will be staging demonstrations for their issues to be addressed.

“For three months now we have been buying water for domestic use despite EWASCO billing us for the water we have never used,” Nyaga lamented.

The chairman was also concerned that Ngangari primary school had been affected after water failed saying the school administration was using over sh10, 000 every week to purchase water.
The residents suspected foul play between some EWASCO staff and some consumers who were blocking supply of the commodity to that area alleging that water supply in neighbouring villages is in excess.

Mwaniki Mwangario, area village elder said the residents have been faithful in paying standing charges despite failing to get the services they have paid for.

In response, Dickson Njiru, EWASCO Head of Finance and commerce Services said EWASCO technical team will accompany the residents to ensure they get water within 24 hours as a short term solution and within three weeks they would have solved the problem once and for all.
“As a short term solution a team will be dispatched to the village to ensure they get water within 24 hours and my office will facilitate renovation of piping system and water storage to ease the area from this problem once and for all,” Njiru added.

Njiru sounded a harsh warning to his staff members who might be colluding with some consumers to curtail the supply and advised the residents to be reporting such scrupulous individuals to company offices with a reward of sh5, 000.

He said they had received three names of EWASCO staff implicated in such malpractices and promised to take the necessary action once investigations are concluded.

By Kimani Tirus

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