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Residents urged to seek proper diagnosis from health facilities

Community health volunteers have been encouraged to sensitize the community on the importance of getting services from health facilities for better diagnosis.

The call was made during training for community health volunteers drawn from Kanduyi, Sirisia and Webuye West Constituencies on the importance of having strong primary health care systems in the communities.

The training was facilitated by the Stage media Arts and Evidence for Action Mamaye, both NGO’s

Talking to journalists in Bungoma, a youth advocate, Hafsa Kipsang’, said that the volunteers help in strengthening the primary health care at the grass roots.

She said the volunteers play a major role in sensitizing the community on the importance of accessing health facilities when sick.

She noted that having trained volunteers on the ground enabled pregnant women to get information on the importance of ante natal care visits.

She said stage media art is working with other organizations within Bungoma to ensure expectant women get improved healthcare services in health facilities across Bungoma County.

“This issue of losing mothers due to maternal related complications should stop, currently we are engaging different health stakeholders to get a lasting solution,” Kipsang’ noted.

She urged residents to visit health facilities and get tested and stop buying drugs over the counter without undergoing proper diagnosis.

Judith Apondi, a volunteer from Kanduyi constituency called on the government to improve their stipends saying they go through a lot of challenges.

“We do a lot back in our communities yet we are paid poorly.

By Olivia Bikala and Roseland Lumwamu

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