Residents urged to support climate change mitigation

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The residents of Homa Bay County have been urged to support the county government in its initiatives of mitigating climate change.

Speaking to KNA Tuesday, the Chairman Climate Change Committee Erick Omollo urged members of the community to take the initiative and ensure that they mitigate climate change.

“Mitigation of climate change effects starts with you and me. As members of the community, let us be the first to respond to climate change mitigation initiatives, let’s start with simple things like responsible disposal of wastes,” said Omollo

This comes after the area governor had passed the climate change bill last week Wednesday that is set to ensure that climate changes affecting the county are mitigated.

Omollo said Homa Bay is the 40th county to have passed the bill in Kenya saying that the act will benefit the county in several ways such as mainstreaming of climate change actions to all departments within the county.

“It will also allow appropriation of the funds that shall be carried out by the county assembly to all departments in the county,” said Omollo.

The climate change act also outlines penalties to those who are liable in mismanagement of climate change funds as well as creating pathways to job opportunities.

The act will further give room to donor funding, “You find that a donor or a partner cannot finance a county that does not have a structure, which is why the county created an account immediately. The act was passed to ensure that in every budget, a portion is set aside for climate change mitigation,” he said.

The chairman said that their aim is to fully manage climate change action in the county so that whenever there is a disaster that is caused by climate change, the county will be able to act within the shortest time possible.

“We have our vast Lake Victoria, you find that there are so many activities happening around the lake mostly affecting the fishermen, sometimes floods or even drought so we need this act to help us get funds to assist in dealing with problems like that,” said the chairman.

Omollo was hopeful that the ongoing United Nations Climate Conference (COP 27) will put in place several implementation measures in various counties and countries on the continent.

By Sitna Omar

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