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Residents wake up to shocking incident of dead man in car

Residents of Juja town on Sunday woke up to a rude shock when a body of a dead man was found stuck on the driver’s seat in the wee hours of the morning.

Following the discovery police officers were called to the scene of the incident which is opposite some restaurants which are patronized till late in the night.

The officers in turn liaised with the Juja sub-county rapid response team who rushed to the scene in which they jointly removed the body from the car as curious residents milled around to have a glimpse of the events

According to an eye-witness, security personnel manning Unitas bank noted the motor vehicle had been at the spot overnight and the occupant was seated  and remained stuck in the driver’s seat.

He told KNA that the guards were disturbed by the man who remained in the car as late as 10.00a.m when they got curious and called in the police who responded promptly.

He noted that from the mysterious death, police decided to call the sub-county response team who arrived immediately and cordoned off the area so as to keep at bay members of the public who were milling around to have a glimpse of the dead man.

The health personnel who took away the body were clad in their protective gear which sent shivers down the spines of those present and they were spotted conversing in small groups as the health team did their job.

They removed the body and later the police officers towed the motor vehicle to Juja police station as they embarked on investigations into the death.

By  Lydia  Shiloya

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