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Retired Police Officers to Be Involved In Strengthening Security

The Government is ready to  give the necessary support required by the  retired police officers to enable them participate and work closely with the necessary administrative segments, to foster security and  improve safety of the people and their property.

Isiolo County Commissioner, Geoffrey Omoding, said that the retired officers should be appreciated and supported since they can mentor and train the current working force because they had acquired a wide knowledge and experience from their long service.

The Administrator made the remarks during the launch of the National Association of Retired Police of Kenya (NARPOK), Isiolo Chapter Office.

“We want to see that our retired officers are heard and appreciated by the government as they need to be given the support, so that they can mentor and train the current working force, as they have acquired wide knowledge and experiences during their time in the service,” Mr. Omoding noted.

The Deputy Chairman of National Retired Police Officers, Mr. F. K   Mulandi, thanked the Association’s representatives from neighboring regions of Meru, Marsabit, Wajir, Nyeri and Kirinyaga, for taking part in the launch of  the Isiolo Branch’s Private Security Office.

He asked them to closely work with their respective County Commissioners, by giving tip-offs on security intelligence, where necessary.

According to Isiolo Chapter Chairman, Mr. Rashid Dida, the 20 member retired policemen association is properly registered.

Mr. Dida added that his Secretariat was working hard to make sure that the Association is vibrant and equal to the task and the stipulated mandate.

The main agenda of holding this launch was to make sure that all the retired officers, within the 47 counties get gratitude since in the past few years, their efforts were forgotten after providing their services to the nation.

By Winnie Wambui and Ken Mutuma

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