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Retrogressive cultural practices discouraged

The call to abstain from retrogressive cultural practices has dominated an ongoing training camp for Maasai morans in Narok County where thousands of young men are preparing to graduate into a new age set.

Several leaders who have visited the Emanyatta at Naikarra area in Narok West Sub County called on the community to embrace modernity by taking their children to school to gain education to be able to compete in the modern world.

Kilesi Ole Siyianton, an influential leader who visited the Emanyatta early today advised the young men to watch out against being lured into drugs and criminal activities that can easily land them in jail.

He instead called on the young men to engage in creative adventures like farming, livestock rearing and small businesses that can earn them money.

“We should embrace education and ensure our children attain education to be relevant in the modern world. Both girls and boys should go to school as the government has offered a free primary education programme,” he said.

The community leader spoke while donating foodstuff to the Emanyatta where he encouraged the young men to be on the front line in shunning Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)as a measure to end the retrogressive practice in the county.

“The government has already declared war against FGM. I want the community to help end the practice by ensuring no young girl is cut,” he said.

The Chief Manyatta leader Tino ole Linka said the young men aged between 19 and 23 years old are being taught to resist cultures that drag the community backward.

Ole Linka discouraged the young men from marrying girls who have undergone FGM saying the practice was outdated.

“Earlier on FGM was embraced in our culture, but the practice is slowly fading because it has been discovered it doesn’t add any value to the girl-child,” said Ole Linka.

The traditional ceremony ensures continuation of Maa culture as the practice of Moranism is passed from one generation to another.

by Ann Salaton

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