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Rice farmers most prone to Bilharzia disease

A health official in Tana River in charge of neglected diseases Zuma Ndengwa has reminded farmers operating in wetlands fields in Hola irrigation scheme, Bura Irrigation and along river Tana that they are very prone to contracting bilharzia disease.

Mr Ndengwa also cautioned school going children against swimming along river Tana and playing on wetlands and stagnated waters noting the places have worms that could cause bilharzia disease.

Speaking to the press today at Hola County Referral hospital, Mr Ndengwa also warned people who have a habit of urinating in rivers and wetlands that they contribute to the spread of bilharzia disease.

He urged those farmers growing rice to always wear gumboots to reduce contact with the worms that cause bilharzia disease.

The official advised residents with symptoms of the disease to immediately visit health facilities for treatment.

The symptoms include, diarrhea, blood in the feces, intestinal ulcers pain and irritation while passing urine among others.

By Simon Guruba

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