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Rural investment a cure for rural urban migration- Ndambiri

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri has called for more investment in the rural areas claiming it is the only cure for decongestion in the big cities of this country.
Ndambiri said investors should be encouraged to move away from Nairobi and go to other counties including Kirinyaga.
“There must be a deliberate effort to decongest the big cities of this country by encouraging investors to go to the rural areas, especially for agricultural-based investments,” he said.
He said already Kirinyaga County government has identified 250 acres of land adjacent to Nairobi-Nanyuki railway line for the development of an industrial park in Sagana town.
“The government will put the necessary infrastructures like the electricity, water and roads in the park ready for potential investors in the park”, Ndambiri said.
He said Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC) has already shown commitment in partnering with the county government in the development of the industrial complex. “We are ready and willing to facilitate those interested in setting up the business, he reiterated.
He said it is unfortunate that Kirinyaga County lagged behind in the past as compared to neighboring counties of Embu and Nyeri but we are now catching up.
The Deputy governor said in the last one year the government had initiated many projects that will attract investors in the county.
“The industrial park is part of our sessional paper 2017 -2032 which is in line with the Jubilee government’s big four development agenda.

Kirinyaga Deputy governor Peter Ndambiri who officiated the opening of the building.

“We are in the process of reviving the stalled leather factory in Sagana town which will in turn create some 5000 employment opportunities for the youth,” Ndambiri said.
“The Kenol – Marwa dual carriageway under construction and the railway line that runs through the town will be key to transportation of goods once the park is up and running,” he noted.
Ndambiri said the railway line has now been revived and ready to resume operation which is going to be a big relief for the investors and traders in Kirinyaga.
Ndambiri was speaking at Ngurubani town when he officiated the opening of a building complex which has been developed by a couple, which when complete, will change the provision of hospitality services in the town.
“Tarmacking of all roads in Ngurubani town is ongoing while constant water supply is in place, tight security besides other prerequisite facilities necessary for the business environment,” Ndambiri said.
He said a total of 32 kilometers of road in the busy town was being undertaken by three contractors to ensure the project was completed on time.
“As a county government we are committed to ensuring a favorable business environment prevailed and a guaranteed profit to the entrepreneurs from their investments,” he said.
The official said with tarmac roads, sewerage systems and guaranteed security, investors should now move in and start their business without any cause for alarm.
James Wambu and his wife Bertha Wawira have already completed phase one of the multimillion projects which is now operational.

James Wambu and Bertha Wawira who opted to invest in Mwea town

The hotel wing, according to the Wambu will comprise 300 state-of-the-art rooms besides other amenities. “We expect to have the 300 rooms ready by February next year where those wishing to visit Mt Kenya region will be able to enjoy the modern facility,” the entrepreneur said.
He said the completed section with a brand name of Mwea Trading Center (MTC), took three years to complete and was now having an operational Restaurant, a digital video production studio and a tomato Sacco office.
Wambu said the facility has now 70 full time employees while a similar number is indirectly employed.
He said during the construction of the phase one, all casual employees were sourced locally just as was the building material.
“We ensured that all the labour and building material were sourced from this county due to availability and to partner with the locals in our endeavor to uplift their standards of living in so doing benefiting from the cash flow,” Wambu said.
Briefing the media at the site on the plans ahead for the MTC, Wambu said gone were the days when such a huge investment would only have been found in Nairobi and other big towns.
“By venturing into a project of this magnitude at a rural set up in Mwea, it is a true testimony that as investors, we are guaranteed of good returns besides providing direct employment to the locals,” he said.

By Irungu Mwangi

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